8GB RAM i5 120GB SSD
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High productivity. Small dimensions.

Excellent power: With 6th generation Intel® Core επεξεργ processors.

Support for two monitors: DisplayPort, HDMI and optional VGA connectivity, to better view your work.

Abundant memory: DDR3 technology memory up to 16 GB.

Smooth manageability

The most manageable computer in the world: IT staff can change BIOS settings and configure systems with great flexibility, as required by organizations' IT infrastructure.

Control in your hands: The free tools of the Dell Client Command Suite allow flexible and automated configuration of the BIOS or systems for all of your desktops.

Performance from the first moment: The pre-installed Dell Command | Update automatically shows you new updates.

For organizations of all sizes: Dell KACE system management solutions meet the demanding IT management needs.

Maximum security, from the first moment

The most secure desktops in the world are equipped with Dell Data Protection hardware and software, as well as additional optional features.

Central Remote Management: Comply with compliance regulations from the outset and protect data on any device with Dell Data Protection | Encryption.

Authentication Options: Ensure that only authorized users will have access to your data with a FIPS 201 certified smart card reader, fingerprint, or contactless smart card.

Secure Credential Storage: FIPS 140-2 certified TPM and Dell ControlVault add additional levels of hardware security by isolating passwords and user credentials on a separately controlled hardware chip.

Advanced Malware Protection: Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace launches applications in a limited virtual environment and restores a secure environment in just 20 seconds.

Single console security: Dell Data Protection Endpoint Security Suite provides comprehensive threat protection, authentication and access rights management, as well as encryption functions, all from a central point of administration.

Small Form Factor - Doors and sockets

1. 9.5 mm optical drive SD Multimedia Card Reader Universal audio jack 4. USB charging ports 5. USB 3.0 ports Supports inherently 3 digital video outputs (DP, DP and HDMI) 7. Optional VGA (not shown) 8. Serial port 9 More USB 3.0 ports 10. USB 2.0 with smart power on | Optional power supply with 92% Platinum efficiency 12. Safety socket according to current standards

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